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  1. Name
    Navneet Lal
  2. Designation
    Graphic and Multimedia Assistant
  3. Biosketch
    Navneet Lal joined the Pacific Community as an attaché for the publication and library unit (PLU) in 2008 to help with the retrospective scanning and digitization of the SOPAC Commission reports. In 2010 he started with the SOPAC Compendium Project involved with the digitization of all large format maps charts and seismic data sets generated by the work programs of the Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission in its 40 year history. In 2013 Navneet became the PLU Compendium Project Assistant. Apart from providing digitization support to the compendium project he also continued providing support for graphic design to programs. In 2015 he became the graphic and multimedia assistant with the Publications Unit providing support to programs in Graphic Design, Photography and large format printing and lamination. Currently, Navneet Lal is working as the Web and Print Graphic and Multimedia Assistant providing support to program in graphic design, content creation and layout, equipment maintenance, photography, large-format digital capturing (scanning), large printing, lamination and assisting as photo/videographer for organization documentation.
  4. Specialisations