Show Team

  1. Name
    Dorene Naidu
  2. Designation
    Digital Records Management Officer
  3. Biosketch
    Dorene Naidu first started with the Pacific Community in 2004 as the Library Services Officer providing support to the GSD Campus. In this position she was very much involved in providing assistance to the research needs of the staff and member countries apart from managing the physical and digital library collection with cataloguing and organizing the reports and data that was collected. This role also allowed her to provide assistance and recommendations to projects with the initial setting up of the Pacific Disaster Network and digitising work of the Compendium as well as overseeing the movement of the Petroleum Database from Geoscience Australia to GSD. Currently, she is working as the Digital Records Management Officer for the Geoinformatics section in GSD, the Pacific Community with the role of providing research support and collection and management of information and records.
  4. Specialisations