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  1. Name
    Sereima Kalouniviti
  2. Designation
    Information Systems Lead Reseacher
  3. Biosketch
    Sereima Kalouniviti first started with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in 2008 and is now currently the Lead Information Systems Researcher with 8 years experience in Information Management. The work mostly involves providing and enforcing information management support for programmes and projects and to enable information and data access for staff and stakeholders. In this role, Sereima supervises a team of 3 people to provide guidance and oversee research, cataloguing, digitisation and backing up of information products while also carrying out research, collation and cataloguing of information and data. Sereima is the focal-point to internal and external data inquiries and requests within the division. In addition to her role, Sereima also provides rapporteuring support for management meetings, project workshops and conferences.
  4. Specialisations