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  1. Name
    Sachindra Singh
  2. Designation
    Senior Geospatial Systems Architect
  3. Biosketch
    Sachindra Singh is a systems and software engineer with 15 years of professional experience in developing enterprise-level web, cloud, desktop and mobile data applications, with highly specialised skill-sets in open source geospatial systems. He has implemented a number of high performing, secure and robust systems across a wide range of domains, disciplines and clients. A strong advocate of open source technologies for capacity building and sustainable development in developing countries, he has implemented robust geospatial data products and services in the Pacific, both on a regional and national level. He studied computer science at Victoria University of Wellington, NZ and currently is the Senior Geospatial Systems Architect, and co-lead of the Geoinformatics Section, at the Geoscience Division, Pacific Community (SPC).
  4. Specialisations