1. Name Aster
  2. Code AS
  3. Application ASTER is a 15 meter, 14 band multispectral resolution instrument. It can be used for change detection, calibration, validation, and land surface studies. ASTER satellite image data is expected to contribute to a wide array of global change-related application areas, including vegetation and ecosystem dynamics, hazard monitoring, geologyand soils, land surface climatology, hydrology, land cover change, and the generation of digital elevation models (DEMs). ASTER high-resolution satellite capable of producing stereo imagery for creating detailed digital terrain models (DTMs).
  4. Spatial Spectral Resolutions
    Band Wavelength Resolution
    Bands VNIR 1-3 - 1500 cm
    Bands TIR 10-14 - 9000 cm
    Bans SWIR 4-9 - 3000 cm
  5. Data Cost Data Cost Pending