Cartosat 1

  1. Name Cartosat 1
  2. Code CS1
  3. Application CARTOSAT-1 carries two panchromatic cameras that take black-and-white stereoscopic pictures in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The satellite images have a spatial resolution of 2.5 meter and cover a swath of 30 km. The cameras are mounted on the satellite in such a way that near simultaneous imaging of the same area from two different angles is possible. This facilitates the generation of accurate three-dimensional maps. The cameras maneuver across the direction of the satellite's movement to facilitate the imaging of an area more frequently. The images taken by CARTOSAT-1 cameras are compressed, encrypted, formatted and transmitted to the ground stations.
  4. Spatial Spectral Resolutions
    Band Wavelength Resolution
    Panchromatic - 250 cm
  5. Data Cost Data Cost Pending