Sentinel 2A

  1. Name Sentinel 2A
  2. Code ST2A
  3. Application Sentinel-2A satellite was built by Airbus Defence and Space will add color to the Copernicus programme through multispectral instrument that provides unique image quality. Copernicus is the new name of the European Commission's Earth Observation Programme, previously known as GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) Sentinel-2A satellite image data will support: Generic land cover, land use and change detection maps Maps of geophysical variables for leaf area index, leaf chlorophyll content, leaf water content
  4. Spatial Spectral Resolutions
    Band Wavelength Resolution
    Vegetation Red Edge 865 nm 200 cm
    Water Vapour 945 nm 600 cm
    Vegetation Red Edge 740 nm 200 cm
    Red 605 nm 100 cm
    SWIR 2190 nm 200 cm
    Blue 490 nm 100 cm
    Coastal aerosol 443 nm 600 cm
    Green 560 nm 100 cm
    Vegetation Red Edge 783 nm 200 cm
    SWIR 1610 nm 200 cm
    SWIR - Cirrus 1375 nm 600 cm
    Vegetation Red Edge 705 nm 200 cm
    Near-Infrared 842 nm 100 cm
  5. Data Cost Data Cost Pending