KiGeo - Kiribati Health Portal

  1. Short Name KiGeo
  2. Title KiGeo - Kiribati Health Portal
  3. Description Kiribati Health Portal (KHP) is a secure online database system which enables Kiribati Ministry of Health & Medical Services personnel to populate, collate and collaborate on outbreaks, household and utilities surveys, in addition to other related datasets, within a geospatial context. KHP is designed to be integrated with a subset of PacGeo, the Pacific's Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) platform, holding complete and structured geospatial datasets for Kiribati. The health portal is an extensible enterprise-level online database system enabling Kiribati Ministry of Health (MOH) personnel to collate and collaborate on health-related datasets, including but not limited to: Outbreaks Data Collection, Household Surveys, Marine Water Sampling, Public Water Sampling, Documents and Reports Repository, Integration with Geospatial Maps, Administrative Layers (eg: Villages, Buildings, Population)
  4. Internal Stakeholders Geoscience for Development Programme
  5. External Stakeholders European Union
  6. Countries Kiribati
  7. Type Systems Development
  8. Status Feature Complete, In-Production Maintenance
  9. Year 2015
  10. Source Code Restricted
  11. Active True