TuvLIS - Tuvalu Spatial Data Infrastructure

  1. Short Name TuvLIS
  2. Title TuvLIS - Tuvalu Spatial Data Infrastructure
  3. Description TuvLIS is the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) platform for the government of Tuvalu implemented on top of an enterprise-level Geospatial Data Services platform that enables the ministries to centrally collate, manage, expose and analyse it's spatial and related data holdings. This whole-of-government geospatial data services is essential to monitor and respond to natural resource use and infrastructure challenges within Tuvalu, as it will enable sound decision making within a geospatial context. With a speaicl focus on land-based resources, urban planning , satellite imagery and cadastral maps.
  4. Internal Stakeholders Geoscience Division
  5. Countries Tuvalu
  6. Type Systems Development
  7. Status Feature Complete, In-Production Maintenance
  8. Url Internal
  9. Year 2016
  10. Source Code http://github.com/sopac/geonode
  11. Active True