Compendium Project

  1. Short Name Compendium Project
  2. Title Compendium Project
  3. Description The SOPAC Geoscience Compendium Project is a digital collection of the entire body of knowledge of SOPAC?s work in the Pacific Region from the time of its inception in 1972 to 2010. The Compendium packages together various datasets and information on SOPAC?s work for each of its member countries. The Compendium exercise is two fold in its purpose: -to inventory, collate, and hand over to island member states a copy of the Commissions holdings of intellectual property belonging to each in the event of transferring the lot to SPC; and -to provide a basis and benchmark for island member states to monitor and measure the performance of the RIF-induced creation of the new Applied Geoscience and Technology Division of SPC The Compendium packages are largely for SOPAC member countries of namely (1) American Samoa, (2) Cook Islands, (3) Federated States of Micronesia, (4) Fiji Islands, (5) French Polynesia, (6) Guam, (7) Kiribati, (8) Marshall Islands, (9) Nauru, (10) New Caledonia, (11) Niue, (12) Palau, (13) Papua New Guinea, (14) Samoa, (15) Solomon Islands, (16) Tokelau, (17) Tonga, (18) Tuvalu and (19) Vanuatu; and for the region.
  4. Internal Stakeholders Geoscience Division
  5. Countries Pacific Island Countries
  6. Type Digital Cataloguing
  7. Status Feature Complete, In-Production Maintenance
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  9. Year 2014
  10. Source Code
  11. Active True