Training Database

  1. Short Name Training Database
  2. Title Training Database
  3. Description Geoscience Divisions Training Database and Reporting Application, which holds workshop, trainings and participant details going back to early 1990's. Purpose: Online database system designed to enable SPC trainers to collate and query training and participant information for monitoring, evaluation and reporting purposes. Includes: Formal and informal (on-the-job training), regardless of length or type, where there is a specific objective for measurable improvement in the skills and knowledge of identifiable people in PICTs. Includes in-country training as well as sub-regional and regional training. Excludes: General technical assistance, meetings and outreach. SPC staff are not included in the numbers reported to PICTs.
  4. Internal Stakeholders Geoscience Division
  5. Type Capacity Building
  6. Status Design, Development
  7. Url
  8. Year 2015
  9. Source Code Restricted
  10. Active True