Elab Equipment Management

  1. Short Name Elab Equipment Management
  2. Title Elab Equipment Management
  3. Description An asset, inventory and maintainence management system for Geoscience Division's Electronic Lab Team. A Grouped System is a collection of Equipments of a particular Type. A standalone Equipment by itself, or as part of a Grouped System can be used in a Survey, or Used Individually. They can also be Serviced as a group or individually. Equipments are used and serviced by Staffs, who also take part in Surveys.
  4. Internal Stakeholders Geoscience for Development Programme
  5. Type Systems Development
  6. Status Development, Iteration, Beta
  7. Url http://services.gsd.spc.int/elab
  8. Year 2015
  9. Source Code Restricted
  10. Active True