Regional Marine Minerals Database

  1. Short Name RMMD
  2. Title Regional Marine Minerals Database
  3. Description Regional Marine Minerals Database (RMMD) for the Pacific, is an intiativae by the SPC/EU Deep Sea Minerals project to collate and store relevant Pacific deep sea minerals historical data, maps and reports in a secure repository. The system was eastablished as an effort to to respond effectively to countries? requests for DSM data and information, and to expose said data in an easily accessible and usable format. The system is managed by the SPC-EU Pacific Deep Sea Minerals Project which is helping Pacific Island countries to improve the governance and management of their deep-sea minerals resources through improved legal frameworks, increased technical capacity and effective monitoring systems.
  4. Internal Stakeholders Geoscience for Development Programme SPC/EU Deep Sea Minerals Project
  5. External Stakeholders European Union
  6. Countries Cook Islands Tonga Fiji Islands Samoa Vanuatu Marshall Islands Papua New Guinea Micronesia Fed. St. Niue Kiribati Tuvalu Solomon Islands
  7. Type Geospatial Software Engineering
  8. Status Development, Iteration, Beta
  9. Url
  10. Year 2017
  11. Source Code Restricted
  12. Active True